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Related features of copper-aluminum composite radiator

发表时间:2019-10-28 Source: Release time: 2019-10-28

Copper-aluminum composite radiators will become the leading heating radiators for a long time in the future due to their outstanding anticorrosive performance, widespread practicability, better heat-price ratio, higher value retention, and soft surfaces. The following Beijing radiator will introduce the relevant characteristics for everyone:

Copper-Aluminum Compound Radiator Features:

  1. Material: The cooling wing is a special copper-aluminum composite material, and the water channel adopts high-quality copper pipes with a copper content of 99.9%, with corrosion resistance.

2. Process: Adopting the advanced active hydraulic pipe expansion skills and well-balanced tube expansion, the copper tube and the aluminum alloy column wing are precisely combined to ensure the thermal conductivity and precision of the copper-aluminum composite radiator under long-term use conditions. Fully active CNC brazing welding skills, high welding strength and stable quality.


3. Strengths: Economical and decorative. Due to the very good thermal conductivity of copper and aluminum, the heat dissipation ability of copper and aluminum heating radiators is much higher than that of other materials, and its heat price ratio is also much higher than other materials. Heating radiator. And because copper and aluminum are non-ferrous metals, its price increases with time, so the value retention rate of copper-aluminum composite radiators is also much higher than that of heating radiators of other materials; comprehensive machine performance, aluminum alloy profiles Its high strength, good water-tightness and air-tightness, good thermal conductivity, delicate surface, and light processing are widely used in China's construction industry.

In particular, its thermal conductivity is better than that of Beijing radiator manufacturers over the years ; Alkali-resistant water corrosion ability, copper-aluminum composite radiator adopts the advanced inward flange hydraulic expansion patented manufacturing technology, accurate process parameters can be completely eliminated The gap between the copper pipe and the aluminum profile pipe, the header pipe and the radiating pipe through which the heating medium of the heating radiator flows are all copper pipes, which have strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, it has excellent resistance to alkaline water decay;

Throughout practicality, the copper-aluminum composite plate heating radiator is composed of copper tubes and aluminum profiles. The aluminum profiles and copper tubes are expanded by high-pressure expansion to achieve a precise combination through the deployment of special equipment. Pieces to form a plate-type heating radiator whose shape is similar to that of a steel plate-type heating radiator. Compact layout, elegant shape, easy to clean, light weight and high pressure, good heat dissipation results (radiation, convection), durable and durable, practical for all heating systems.

The above is the relevant content introduced by Beijing Radiator for everyone. I hope everyone can understand it. For more information about radiator, please remember to pay attention to our website!