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How to install and use the bathroom heating

发表时间:2019-12-05 Source: Release time: 2019-12-05

The washroom is an indispensable area in every home-in addition to peeing, people usually take a shower in the washroom. Therefore, it is necessary to warm the toilet. So, if the toilet in the house needs interior heating radiators, is it better to install heating? Or is it better to install radiators? The following Beijing radiator manufacturers will introduce you:

1.90% of toilets use small baskets for central heating

In Chengdu homes where heating systems are installed at home, there are usually more radiators installed in the bathroom. The "heat radiator" here is also called a small back basket, which is an item that can not only centrally heat, but also air-dry a cleansing towel.

2. Toilets with a large total area are also commercial floor heating or radiators


For homes with a large total area of toilets, for example, the toilets often have 10 or more square meters. At this time, it is not appropriate to use a small basket.

Because the heating capacity of general small back baskets is less than 1000w, when the total area of your toilet exceeds 8 square meters, the heating capacity of a small set of basic models cannot be considered for centralized heating, at least the temperature will not rise too much. high. At this time, floor heating or radiators can be installed in the bathroom.

3.Which floor heating is good for the toilet?

When you want to install floor heating in your bathroom, what kind of field heating is more suitable for the bathroom? This problem should be viewed from two levels:

First, from the perspective of installation convenience, when you install floor heating in the living room, dining room and other areas, it is more convenient to install floor heating in the bathroom. Generally, a control circuit with the bedroom can.

Second, from the perspective of practical results, we can consider the installation of carbon fiber electric floor heating, toilets with carbon fiber electric floor heating, many people in the home only turn on at that time, that is, it is hot immediately, heating quickly, it is more convenient and comfortable, and can be waterproof as soon as possible Dehumidify.

4.Is the toilet basket always closed?

Many people have to say, do you need to turn off the plumbing installation in the bathroom? Maybe it is. Especially in the toilets where small baskets are installed, try not to turn them off, because the amount of water in them is not enough, the temperature should be slowed down, and they should be left open.

5.What should I pay attention to when installing radiators in the bathroom?

Toilets are generally more humid and cold, especially in some homes, the toilets are not partitioned into a wet zone system. At this time, the anti-corrosive work ability of the toilet radiators must be honed. In toilet radiators, die-cast aluminum radiators have better characteristics. As the aluminum surface air is oxidized, it is converted into aluminum trioxide to block aluminum from further air oxidation. In homes where radiators are installed in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, die-cast aluminum heaters are installed in the toilets. There are still a lot of films.

The above is the relevant content introduced by Beijing radiator manufacturers . I hope it can be helpful to everyone. For more related information, please remember to pay attention to our website!