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Radiator installation takes priority over two standards

发表时间:2019-12-13 Source: Release time: 2019-12-13

Radiator installation takes priority over two standards

The installation part of the radiator is not suitable for being too high, and should be followed: the low should not be suitable for the high and the two criteria for priority selection under the window. The installation of copper-aluminum composite radiators should be low and not suitable for high standards. According to the basic principle of gas, the heat flow is increased and the air conditioner is moved down. Therefore, when selecting parts, not only the problem of thermal convection, but also the problem of heating strong cold air must be considered. Generally, the radiator should be installed under the balcony. Because the radiator is close to the road, the gas in the room can generate heat convection, maintain the indoor temperature balance, and heat the gas drilled through the window slits. With anti-cold effect. The following Beijing radiators introduce you:

Copper-aluminum composite radiator is the preferred selection standard under the window

The placement of the window near the radiator installation site is not a danger to the furniture, it can reasonably isolate the pain caused by the entry of strong cold air. The actual layout of the customer's home should also be taken into consideration in the actual installation. For the installation of radiators, people can choose wall-mounted and vertical.

Step: Groove the pavement or wall. In order to bury the exposed pipes, the construction personnel must make grooves on the wall and pavement. The depth or total width of the grooves must be professionally installed by the installation personnel to solve the problem.

Step 2: Pave the pipes and protect the slots. The riser is grooved based on the precise positioning of the early radiator, and the pipeline can be maintained in the riser steel groove according to customer satisfaction. The system software is used for closed irrigation and pressure.

Step 3: Install the floor heating manifold. The water separator and water collector are water distribution and distribution devices composed of a floor heating water collector and a water collector. The floor heating trap should be installed to maintain a standard level, and it must be scrubbed and cleaned after installation.


Step 4: Perform working pressure experiments on the radiator system software. It is a very critical step in the installation process of the radiator. The specific steps are to turn off the responsible person to connect the gate valve and open the radiator water valve to test with hydraulic pressure testing equipment. The test working pressure should be 1.5 times the working pressure of all normal applications. , And not lower than the test working pressure of the pipeline network in all residential quarters, no leakage is passed in 3-5 minutes.

Step 5: According to the progress of interior decoration. The construction of the radiator and the renovation of the hydropower were carried out smoothly, so as not to jeopardize the progress of the project.

Step 6: Install a steel string radiator. Place the radiator stably, connect the gate valve connector with the inlet and outlet gate valve, and use a spirit level to measure whether the radiator is vertical and whether the pipe installation meets the requirements. Then use a pipe wrench structure to strengthen and tighten the connector.

Install a hanging stove. The horizontal distance between natural gas wall-hung boilers, gas meters and gas stoves should be more than 300㎜. There should be no electrical engineering hidden lines and electrical equipment on the natural gas wall-hung boilers. The net distance between natural gas wall-hung boilers and electrical equipment should exceed 300㎜. Flammable and explosive materials and other volatile dangerous goods. During the installation, the flue gas duct is placed at an angle of 2 ° or 3 ° to prevent condensate from entering the natural gas wall-hung boiler. Step 8: The customer conducts inspection and acceptance of all the system software of the radiator. Generally, during the construction of the dismantling project, the staff will embed the gate valve on the pipeline. After installation, a stamping mold experiment should be carried out to verify that there are no running, dripping, leaking areas. The ninth step: the installation of the radiator system software. . All radiator installation processes are carried out, and customers can successfully enter the application link. Large living room radiator installation part: The large living room part of the general radiator is selected near the periphery of the drying platform, which is conducive to the gas heat convection fluidity. Remember that you don't have to be far away from the person in charge of the radiator. It should be about 2 to 3 meters, so the frictional resistance of the water is not very large, and it does not endanger the actual effect of the radiator's heat pipe. Hotel radiator installation parts: Hotel radiators and installation parts are generally selected on the wall around the dining table to maintain comfortable and centralized heating in the hotel area. In addition, it can build a beautiful and elegant environment in winter. Bedroom radiator installation part: The bedroom radiator installation part should be a little spaced from the bed. Because the radiator is too hot, the grilled person's sleep quality is not good. If possible, install it on the foot part. .

Small study room radiator installation area: The small study room is the area where the central heating of the radiator must be installed at home. It is comfortable and centralized heating in winter, and the temperature is controlled without noise. The installation area of the small study radiator is usually placed on the wall behind the door, the wall of the window or the wall under the writing desk. Toilet radiator installation parts: Generally, the toilet radiator is placed on the toilet or near the bathing area.

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