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Basic knowledge of the application of Beijing radiator

发表时间:2019-11-23 Source: Release time: 2019-11-23

Basic knowledge of the application of Beijing radiator

Winter is here, and heating has already begun in the north. Radiators are something we can't lack. Let's take a look at the basic application of Beijing radiators :

I. Regulations of room temperature

When heating in winter, the temperature in the room should be controlled higher than 18 ℃, and the average room temperature should be 16 ℃. However, for the elderly and children, the 16 ℃ specification is relatively low, but it is not suitable for too high, too It is uncomfortable to feel high, and the outdoor temperature is very different, which is very likely to cause fever and cold.


Second, the gas in the pipe

Due to the accumulation of gas in the pipe, the water circulation system stagnates and jeopardizes heating. Therefore, in addition to setting an automatic exhaust valve on the top floor of the building, a manual exhaust valve is installed at the end of a group of radiators. Off, immediately tighten the air valve when the intake air is mixed.

3. Leakage treatment

If there is water leakage at the junction of pipes during heating time, regardless of the size, it cannot be handled by itself. The staff of the maintenance center should be notified immediately, and the leak should be relieved before being repaired. It should never be repaired under pressure, which will cause the leak to expand. destruction.

Fourth, not hot sake

Generally not hot, it will be because of outdoor leaks and the intelligent backwater gate valve is not open. The single-family part is not hot, which will be caused by the lack of air on the top floor of the building. The radiator is half hot and half cold, which is caused by gas accumulation at the tail end. In short, under the condition of ensuring the working pressure and temperature of the circulation system, the key reason for not heating is air blocking, which can be handled by releasing air.

The above is the relevant content introduced by Beijing Radiator for everyone, I hope everyone can spend a warm winter!