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How to use radiators properly in winter

发表时间:2019-11-30 Source: Release time: 2019-11-30

The radiator has already been warmed up, and winter is considered to have just begun. It is believed that there are already very few owners in the residential area where the radiator is not cold, but you think that will come to an end. The heating of the radiator has just begun. You must pay attention to it. There are many heating problems! If it is not easy to apply the radiator properly, the heat dissipation of the heat pipe of the radiator will be much worse. The Beijing radiator manufacturer will introduce to you how to use the radiator properly in winter to promote the radiator heat pipe. The actual effect of heat dissipation is greater.

1. The most important thing for a radiator to suit itself

From the pig iron radiators produced by the original radiator manufacturers to today's steel radiators and copper-aluminum composite radiators, every time the development of high-tech technology, more and more choices have been made for everyone. Compared with these types of radiators, copper-aluminum composite radiators have better heat dissipation, but the price is slightly more expensive, followed by steel radiators, and pig iron radiators last. Therefore, the owners who choose steel radiators with very good heat pipe heat dissipation and very good prices account for the vast majority of them, and perhaps they are different from person to person.

2. Radiator adjustment must be effective

The water flow rate and method of the radiators endanger the speed of heat transfer in the room on a very large level. The circulation system is fast, the room is warmed up, the circulation system is slowed, and the room is slowed down. Customers should know more about the following The company has mastered the rate of radiator circulation system for various ways of entering and exiting water, so it is easy to make a selection based on its own conditions.


3. Radiator gate valve as far as possible not to casually power switch

The heating system must be adjusted when it is first exercised. Actually, every household means that the gate valve of each riser is adjusted to a suitable position, and a manual air vent valve of a group of radiators is opened to remove the gas accumulated in the radiators until the group of radiators are heated. Adjustments are made. Once the adjustment is made, the gate valve should be fixed, and the power switch cannot be switched at will.

4. Leave heat pipe indoor space around the radiator

There is no need to accumulate dirt on or in front of the radiator, otherwise the actual effect of the heat pipe's heat dissipation will be endangered. When cleaning the radiator , do not use solvents, and ordinary detergents can be used.

5. Keep radiators clean and tidy

If the radiator is not clean, it is very easy to grow germs and pollute the environment, especially the radiator in the toilet. The concavity and dirt are hidden in the convex and concave of the radiator, and the cotton towels and robes placed on it will indirectly send pathogenic bacteria to the body, causing hidden dangers to physical and mental health and safety. Therefore, the cleaning of the radiator must be maintained frequently.

6. The radiator parts cannot be changed at will

The installation of radiators is allotted to the parts that are beneficial to the central heating in the room, which can ensure the relative congruence of gas heat convection and room temperature. Once the parts are changed, the room temperature will be uneven. On the other hand, once the pipes and radiators are moved, it is easy to cause leakage and cause unnecessary damage to the home.

7. Don't put radiator water in private

It is not possible to add water from the system software casually. If the boiling water is lost in the pipeline, the cold water must be filled to maintain the pipeline network system software at a certain working pressure.

This is the relevant information introduced by Beijing Radiator for everyone. I hope it can be helpful to everyone and spend a warm winter!