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How to calculate the usage and cost of radiators

发表时间:2019-12-18 Source: Release time: 2019-12-18

How to calculate the usage and cost of radiators

First, the amount of radiator

Heating radiators are not uncommon in northern areas. Steel radiators are no longer afraid of winter because of their existence. Many people understand that there is a strong correlation between the level of heating in the house and the amount of radiators and the materials of the radiators. So do you know the proportion of the total number of radiators and the total area of the house? How to estimate the amount of radiators under the condition of area? Beijing radiator manufacturers' friendly tips are as follows:

1. Calculate the total area: Calculate the total area of bedrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, restaurants, kitchens, etc. as their own data.


2. Calculated power (W): The radiator manufacturers feel that the whole process is relatively complicated. The following briefly shows the customers a set of reference information for the calculation of the thermal index value of the total area of the industrial building heating company. The average home can be measured at 55 ~ 70W per square meter. When buying heating, multiply the total area of the house by "W" per square meter, which means that the house must supply heat.

Calculation of heating costs

Every winter, people choose centralized heating, such as using radiators or underfloor heating. No matter what method is used, they must pay first, and then send heating. However, many people are filled with questions about heating costs. How exactly are heating costs paid, how are they calculated, and how do they always feel that they are wrong? Radiator manufacturers are very concerned about everyone's questions. Today Beijing's radiator manufacturers share with everyone how the heating costs are deducted.

The residential building under construction is carried by the real estate developer to carry over the total heating area. For the radiator manufacturers, the calculation of the carry-over formula for the total heating area should generally be "the area within the suite + one half of the total area of the same wall + The total area of non-used walls "is specified in the heating contract. For how to calculate the total area of a living balcony without heating equipment, we need to analyze the actual problems. Since energy is transmitted, if the living balcony has no door or communicates with the large living room, the total area should be calculated. The radiator manufacturer proposes: If the owner of the community has any questions about the total heating area, the owner of the community can require the real estate agent to produce a house architectural drawing.

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