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Beijing radiator purchase considerations

发表时间:2019-06-06 Source: Release time: 2019-06-06

Beijing radiator manufacturers remind everyone that when buying radiators, it is better to buy their accessories at the same time, to avoid mismatches between other manufacturers or different batches of components with the purchased radiators, resulting in installation or use accidents Or when an accident occurs, the liability of the accident cannot be defined. Most companies will take technical measures to ensure their quality, and when we purchase, we must pay attention to check whether their technology meets standards.


The radiator needs to be connected by threads to form a circulating heating system. If the thread accuracy is unqualified, it will easily lead to poor connection of the radiator , and even it can not be assembled correctly. There are gaps, which will affect assembly and connection.

According to different heating methods, the choice of radiator models is different. Each radiator has its own cooling parameters. The radiator factory can choose the appropriate radiator according to the size and area of the room. When selecting a steel radiator, You need to know if it matches your district heating system.

If you use an open heating system for heating, you should choose steel radiators carefully, because steel radiators are prone to oxidative corrosion when exposed to oxygen, and have strict requirements on the oxygen content of open boilers and water.

This is the Beijing radiator manufacturers remind everyone to pay attention to purchase, I hope to help everyone!