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System  introduced
    New ecological farmed Aquaponics system actually is not a fresh concept already, many people have put the things done in reality.

    Aquaponics system is the core of the "fish don't change water, vegetables no fertilizer". We know, in the process of fish, the fish feces and fish food of more organic matter in water can be decomposed into ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and other toxic substances. And these toxic substances are just good fertilizer aquatic vegetables and other plants. Aquatic vegetable soilless cultivation, or use some of the larger specific surface area of insoluble particles (e.g., covered with ceramic material). The ceramsite vegetables can be fixed on the one hand, on the one hand, can be a biological filter material circulating water with fish. Many bacteria attached on breeding, can form stable biological decomposition of the system.

Main composition 

    The Aquaponics system for large water bodies, can also according to family aquaria to transform。 The basic principle is the same。 In the fishpond, in general, there is a water pump ascending to a certain height, the water contains nutrient (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate), the flow of water through the roots of the plant, nutrient is absorbed by plants, fish tank water quality purification。 Both work together, can achieve long-term mutually beneficial symbiosis good ecological effect。 The whole system includes a fish pond, vegetable trough, vegetables, fixed materials, water pump, etc。 If necessary, to add the necessary filtration equipment。

System installation form

    In order to save space, pond farming can be directly placed foam material such as the surface of the fixed aquatic vegetables, if is a family of aquarium tank, you can install a plants in the tanks and sink, sink set fixed plant material。 Water pump will lower the fish tank of sewage pump to the upper tank, the water in the tank back to the tank by means of the overflow。 The diagram below:

    In addition, if the plants slot is filled biological filter material, such as biochemical TaoHuan can be set to siphon water overflow way, in this way, plants tank becomes a tidal biological filter。 The role of biological filtration will be further enhanced。

System advantages

    High density aquaculture Aquaponics system can greatly reduce environment, system dependence on water treatment system。 At the same time can increase output, fully staffed。 Water USES is no pressure gravity, so the water pump lift demand is low。 Minimal energy consumption as a whole。 At the same time, the required materials are also some common materials, can be very easily。 If you add the necessary automatic feeding device and the corresponding plant growth lamp, after system normal operation, can realize unmanned management for a long time。 Therefore, it is a very worthy of promoting ecological farming system。




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