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The butterfly effect in aquaculture

    The butterfly effect: a South American amazon rainforest butterfly, occasionally flapping its wings, could cause a tornado in Texas in two weeks. The reason: the movement of the wings causes changes in the air system around the butterflies and causes weak air flow  The generation of weak airflow will cause corresponding changes in the air or other systems around it, which will cause a chain reaction and eventually lead to great changes in other systems.

    In aquaculture, something similar happens: you buy back a faulty switch simply because you bought electrical components for less than 50 cents. One dark and windy night, farmers are sleeping, electrical short circuit, oxygen generator burned. By daybreak, a large number of pond fish had died and were damagedThe loss is irreversible; In the course of the rough standard, some customers do not grasp the speed of water flow, resulting in dead fish。 Not to mention the changes in water quality, heavy metals, feed and many other links, every detail of the operation error will cause breeding failure。

    Let's talk about the recycling aquaculture unit alone. Years ago, microfiltration machines were powered by a pump that pumped water from a fish pond and then filtered it through a microfilter. The convenience: no matter where the microfilter is located, it can be filtered by pumping pressure. But When water is filtered by microfiltration, it is no longer pressurized. So another pump is needed to push water into other filters. The system has two pumps pumping at the same time, which significantly increases the power consumption. At the same time, since the flow of two pumps is not completely consistent, the phenomenon of pump idling is easy to occur. Safety of equipment
More importantly, when the feces of fish and shrimp enter the water, it is flocculated. After the first pressurized water pump, it is broken into many small particles of solid impurities by the pump impeller, which increases the difficulty of later filtration.
    In order to overcome the disadvantages mentioned above, lanling water treatment company has timely modified the design of the microfilter after hearing the Suggestions of many farmers. All after the water design. The excrement of fish and shrimp in the fish pond in front of the fish tank passes through eddy current and sedimentation, and then flows into the microfilter. The feces of fish and shrimp are in the first place without being broken It's filtered out. Prevent them from becoming particulate suspended matter or converting to ammonia or nitrite. Thus the efficiency of the filter system is improved and the cost of the whole filter system is reduced.


   Another classic example is the chiller。 There have been customers in the construction of fish pool, did not build thermal shelter。 After calculating the chiller he needs according to the total water volume, ambient temperature and other conditions, the installation was carried out。 As a result, the water cooler, which was adequate, could never reach the desired temperature。 because the fish pond is in the open air and the weather is very hot。 When the water is cooled by the cold water mechanism, the surrounding air heats the water in the fishpond again。 As a result, a lot of power consumption of the chiller was wasted。 Thermal sheds had to be built。

    In view of the above experience, we pay great attention to thermal insulation measures when designing the whole system for customers。 Here's a picture of a customer building a fishpond with a layer of foam between two walls to keep it warm。

There is also a special mention of uv disinfectants. Because the original philips lamp and ballast are best matched, its failure rate is low. But some domestic uv lamps and ballasts often come from two different manufacturers. Low matching. After working for some time, the failure rate is higher. This is why lanling water treatment equipment insists on using philips's original uv lamp and ballast. Of course, philips tends to be more expensive.
    In recent years, the most popular aquaculture variety is South American white prawns, the domestic market has been in short supply。 But the success rate of soil pond farming has been very low。 From the perspective of breeding technology, the breeding technology of South American white prawns covers water, materials, seedling, bacteria, algae, disease and other aspects。 Each link is packaged It's a lot of detail. A detailed error, can cause breeding failure. Therefore, the success of South American white-prawn farming requires a lot of efforts to study and control the details.
    The aquaculture industry, there are many similar details that determine success or failure。 Anyone who has used a crab-box should know that there have been too many failures。 The basic reason is that I don't know much about the life of crabs。 No in-depth understanding and analysis of the structure of the box。 guide after a period of cultivation, the concentration of nitrite in the water rises sharply and crabs die in large Numbers. In line with the principle of "science, efficiency, low cost, low risk, automation and high feasibility", lanling water treatment has made a lot of detailed excavation of aquaculture technology. Crab breeding box after several metamorphosis

, has launched the latest style。 After a large number of farmers, aquaculture experts certification。 Has begun to gradually enter the market。 At present, wenzhou customers have used the new crab breeding box breeding hairy crabs successful cases。 We'll talk more about the new product later, let's wait and see。



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