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Correlation between the appearance of the radiator and the actual heating effect

发表时间:2019-11-26 Source: Release time: 2019-11-26

With the improvement of clothing, food, shelter and living standards, attention to the green living of home furniture has become a development trend. Choosing a radiator is not only reflected in heating, but also has a good appearance. This Beijing radiator manufacturer will give you a brief introduction to several types of methods, and I look forward to helping you.

In addition to the heating effect, the new and distinctive radiator design can also become a more characteristic decoration in the shower room. However, you must choose a well-known and trusted brand product to produce a low-carbon, environmentally-friendly, green decoration clothing, food and accommodation.

Radiator manufacturers remind customers to consider the size of the indoor space. It should be noted that the different shape design and thickness can not only save the indoor space, but also can be used as a towel bar and drying rack, so that the requirements of home furniture can be considered.


The interaction between the building type and the interior soft decoration:

Radiator heating system can be seen. Radiators are always visible, never hiding behind a series of overlays. Designers and end users love the geothermal heating system software because it is invisible. It is definitely an advantage if a variety of selected planning schemes are considered, and the key limitations of the geothermal heating system software are also considered.

Maintenance of radiators:

The pH value of the cooling circulating water is 7-10. The water hardness of the circulating system is 5 ° F-18 ° F.

It is better to use a closed-loop control heating system for the radiator, and it is forbidden to connect with the non-pressure industrial boiler;

When the radiator is all in normal application, a part of the radiator does not become hot. Apply a vent valve to release the vapor. When the water overflows, close the vent valve;

When the radiator must be cleaned, do not use the supplies and solvents that can damage the surface of the spray. You can choose soft daily necessities such as soap liquid; in the end, pay special attention to avoid other objects hitting or scratching the radiator. If scratches occur, they should be repaired immediately with the same color paint to prevent large-scale damage.

This is the relevant content introduced by Beijing radiator manufacturers , I hope everyone can be handy in purchasing radiators and post-maintenance!