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When winter is coming, should you choose a radiator or underfloor heating?

发表时间:2019-10-19 Source: Release time: 2019-10-19

This autumn wind and autumn rain is cold, and then there is a strong cold air coming, and it is close to the severe cold day by day. Customers choose radiator heating and geothermal heating systems, because the radiator heating system is a traditional, universal The applied heating method is its great advantage, but it is absurd that its advantage is becoming its greater limitation at this stage. The big advantage of using radiators is where they can be installed, and it is not easy to choose the wrong one. Heating radiators can show this reliable guarantee. The following Beijing radiator manufacturers will introduce in detail for everyone:

Radiator heating systems: Radiators are completely suitable for low-temperature systems, especially when connected to cold-type natural gas water heaters. At this stage, the low temperature tail is not known, and the radiator is the most reasonable low temperature tail. From this perspective, the design standard should be considered again: the leakage temperature and return water temperature of the radiator with the least difference between environmental protection and energy saving requirements, and the amount of water output and the specifications of the radiator area. Manufacturers of radiators should change the mindset and approach of designers and installers to facilitate hard work towards this overall goal. They must be prepared in advance for the technical upgrade, so that they can express the design and change of the low-turbidity radiator system as soon as possible.


The use of underfloor heating systems for underfloor heating systems has only been a matter of recent years. Because this floor heating has some bad reputation in the past, because it is concerned about environmental protection and energy saving, the floor heating heating system is known. At this stage, both interior designers and installers are not "very confident" in this system. They feel that the safety factor of this system is very low, and they understand that it is not a simple system, so they will consider it carefully.

How to measure the total number of radiators required in a house

The three counts of the radiator: the total area, the power (W), and the three counts.

According to the different parts of the house, the orientation of the house, etc., the heat pipe cooling power per square meter that exceeds the relative temperature will be different. In Qingdao area, usually south-facing bedrooms (not connected to living balcony), 90W / sqm; total area connected to living balcony, connected to living balcony, 100W / sqm; toilet, 130W / sqm; large living room 100-110W / sqm North-facing bedroom 110-130W / sqm; houses with insulation can moderately reduce 10W / sqm. That temperature can generally ensure about 18 degrees. Using this method to measure and calculate the columns of heat pipe radiators is more scientific and comparative. For those who have babies or seniors who are cold at home, increase the number of columns moderately. In the estimation of the heating capacity of Fuerde heat pipe radiators , factors such as houses or bungalows, high-rises or lower floors, edges or middle, northern areas or southern China, inner or outer sides, and external wall insulation should also be considered.

Ps .: At the current stage, some of the heating capacity in the brochure is under the standard condition, which also refers to the temperature difference between the leakage temperature of 95 ° and the output temperature of 70 ° △ T = 1/2 (Tin + Tout)-Troom = 64.5 Heating capacity at ℃.

Because the temperature of the specific heating water inlet pipe of the customer cannot reach 95 degrees, so the heat pipe radiator is selected.

When heating, you must leave enough capacity (the increase rate is usually measured by 15-30%). For example, the total area of your house A is 10 square meters. When you divide by the installation amount, you need to add another 30% of capacity. The area is: 10+ (10 × 30%) = 13 square meters.

The above is the relevant content introduced by Beijing radiator manufacturers . I hope to help everyone. Have a clear understanding when choosing a radiator or floor heating!