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Relevant precautions for use and repair of household radiators

发表时间:2019-11-19 Source: Release time: 2019-11-19

With the changes of the times, many people will choose to install radiators for heating. The requirements for radiators in homes continue to be modified. From simple heating in the past to modern heating and decoration, the decoration is equivalent to the requirements of one body. However, although everyone's requirements for the radiator are continuously modified, in general, it can be divided into the following. Beijing radiator manufacturer introduces you:

The point is perhaps the most critical trustworthiness. No matter how the social development proceeds and the level of civilized behavior developed, it can be trusted. Good quality products are always the preferred standard for everyone. The radiator level must ensure that water leaks under the standard working pressure standard, and the application period must reach the standard. During the application period, safety education and heat generation are not easy to increase the attenuation coefficient, it is not easy to cause harm to the body, and it is not easy to harm itself. Personal safety and security.

Another point is to guarantee the decorative arts under the prerequisite of quality clearance. It is mainly divided into the following contents, first is lighter, and lighter mainly refers to the use of thick-walled lightweight materials such as steel, aluminum, and copper to produce radiators, in order to alleviate the weight of radiators. Installation is more convenient, and the development of heat insulation basically reduces the use of metal materials. One more thing is thin. Thin means that the thickness of the radiator is as small as possible, so as to occupy less of the total area of the indoor space. Then it is beauty. Beauty may refer to the appearance design, specifications, market share, and other aspects of the radiator. Something else is related to the decorative art of the radiator. In general, the requirements for heat sinks in residences can be divided into these.


In recent years, the demand for radiators in the sales market has been increasing, especially in home-mounted radiators, which have been favored, prompting major manufacturers to compete very fiercely in the market. There is a set of technical standards, and it is not something that can be applied at will.

1. Strictly implement the requirements, the core spacing of the embedded pipes of the radiator heating system and the core distance between the inlet and the drain must comply with the regulations, and the bent pipe should be lowered by 90 degrees as much as possible.

2. Steel radiator radiator hooks, pipe joints, spirit levels, wrenches and other special tools must be prepared in advance. Generally, radiators are already configured with brackets at the time of production. There are 2 in each group. The distance between the back of the radiator and the middle of the wall is 30mm. If it is necessary to clean the outer surface of the radiator, you must use a softer cloth to clean the radiator. Remember that you cannot use all organic chemical cleaning fluids to prevent damage to the equipment.

The surface layer of the radiator can not be placed with all hanging objects, and even the wet objects can not be covered. The ventilation holes of the radiator cannot be covered. As a family-type radiator, it cannot be used at the time of installation. If it is in contact with the original heat of about 120 ° C, exposure is not allowed. When the room temperature is less than 5 degrees Celsius, the radiator must be drained to prevent it from being frozen and broken by the cold. To prevent any damage to economic development.

The above content is the relevant content introduced by Beijing radiator manufacturers . I hope it can help everyone to use the radiator better. If you have related requirements, please remember to contact us!